available in multiple languages, live streaming, live newsfeed, and real-time language translation. Netplay App connect you to the world.

The platform allows content creators earn money through subscriptions from users by diverting both ardent and potential followers onto their exclusive content in exchange for monthly or yearly fees.

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Netplay App creates a robust platform for Social Networking and Content Creation. It enhances Influencers, TV/Multimedia Content Producers, and everyday people, helping them connect remotely to their desired audience in the most impactful way. We facilitate a local content development drive that grows Businesses and Talents globally.

The platform is designed to extend its live stream services to live-stage performances, as it enables theater and film producers, directors, and actors to generate income even as the Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions and uncertainties is still affecting the industry but NETPLAY PLATFORM virtual options provides succor. The platform is coded with subscription module which allows millions of subscribers to watch stage shows, concerts live from anywhere in the world, with the benefit of the live language translation and 200+ language options, viewers can enjoy their favorite shows in their preferred languages globally.

NETPLAY PLATFORM- Web, iOS and Android will be a relish tool for the likes of Broadway Shows in the United States, National Theatre in Nigeria and the L e Grand Rex in France and the rest of Europe.

Social NewsFeed

Creators can use the social news feed to engage with the platform audience by sharing their latest photos and videos. Also, the social news feed acts as the perfect place for the audience to discover behavior-based content.

Creators can update status, text, photos and conduct polls
Options to sell photos & videos on the newsfeed – increase visibility & engagement
Audiences can unlock/purchase photos & videos using tokens

Subscription-Based Platform

Help creators make consistent revenue using subscription-based payment models. Creators can decide & set pricing for their content and choose between monthly or annual payment subscription models.

Creators can set custom pricing for subscriptions

Creators can block access to content for unsubscribed users

Audience can choose between free and paid subscriptions when available

Live Streaming

Redefining the engagement factor to a whole new level! Creators can seamlessly live stream their performances to the audience and monetize the same using tokens. Also, creators can choose whether to stream content for free users or not! Free broadcasting can also attract pay-outs to creators based on revenues from adverts.

Unlimited live streaming minutes

Monetize live streaming content using tokens

Intuitive interface to make the process hassle-free

Public Live TV

Creators can live TV performances to the public audience with a click. comes with the best-in-class tech stack to make the live TV sessions a memorable experience for both the subscribers and the creators.

Applicable for VOD, and live TV

Audience can tip creators using tokens during live streaming

Newsfeed photos & videos can be purchased using tokens

Sell Physical Products

Creators can sell physical products on the platform and have 100% control over them. The built-in eCommerce features help maximize revenue while users get their everyday shopping experience.

Update shipping & delivery status during each transit phase

Creators can generate discount coupons to increase sales figures

Users can track orders and stay up-to-date with the delivery status

E-COMMERCE Shopping Cart

Creators can own and run a separate eCommerce store to sell their merchandise – another ideal monetization method on the platform. Integrated eCommerce features make this process a piece of cake.

Creators can add an unlimited number of products

Users/audience can pay for products using tokens

Sell both physical and digital products via their own eCommerce store

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